Welcome to CrossFit Iisalmi

Instead of training individual muscles, we train movements and movement. In training, human natural movements are emphasized. Lifting an object off the ground (deadlift) or sitting on a chair (squat) are everyday examples of functional training and should be strengthened throughout life.

CrossFit is an effective, functional and versatile form of exercise that strengthens the body holistically.

The goal is to develop different aspects of physical fitness, whether it’s learning the basics or raising already good fitness to the top level. The aim is that training makes you healthy, strong and fit. Effective and functional exercises guarantee safe and fast development. The exercises vary daily, so they are never boring.

Our gym has WODs (Workout of the day) seven days a week. The red thread of our programming is the development of all aspects of physical performance, respecting physiological loading principles without forgetting the components of skill, that is, we are a CrossFit gym in the purest spirit. We place a strong emphasis on the mechanics of movement, which creates a safe development platform both towards athletic physique and each individual’s own goals.

Our community keeps training motivation high. It is done by fellow athletes and coaches, who are committed to ensuring that everyone always receives the best service. For us, our profession is our way of life and we are very passionate about it.

To whom?

For everyone! Fitness level, previous exercise background, age or gender do not matter because CrossFit training is suitable for everyone.

“Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.” – Greg Glassman, Founder CrossFit Inc.

We professionally coach people of all ages and in good shape. Our passion is to help each person find and make the best version of themselves. Whether you’re just starting out in fitness or a top athlete, from us you’ll always get up-to-date coaching and a training environment to meet your needs.
At the gym, you will be welcomed by a warm-hearted community, where everyone is accepted as they are. Everyone’s goals are equally important.


In the morning, in the evening and during the day! We organize exercises on weekdays starting at 06:30 and the last WOD (workout of the day) ends at 20:00. On weekends, you can attend guided exercises on Saturday mornings and on Sundays also in the evenings. Our box is open to our members from 05:00 to 23:00.

How to join?

You can get started with training easily, quickly and with a schedule that suits you. You can book a free first meeting with a coach. In the meeting, the way to proceed that suits your goals will be mapped out and you will be able to practice right away! The meeting does not bind or obligate you to anything. If you are already familiar with training at a CrossFit gym, you can buy a membership directly by sending us an e-mail to info@crossfitiisalmi.com

Are you coming to visit Iisalmi and want to workout with us or by yourself?

You can send us an email info@crossfitiisalmi.com before your arrival so that we can offer a solution that suits your needs. Please note that we answer e-mails and phone inquiries best on weekdays.

Contact us

CrossFit Iisalmi
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