Perjantai 06.12.2019

Metcon (time)
102 Kettlebell snatches for time 24/16kg

Everytime you set the kettlebell on the floor, perform 10 push-ups before continuing snatch reps.
Rules: You can only stop at the overhead position. If you stop at the bottom, then you have to set the KB to the floor.

Torstai 05.12.2019

Strength (load)
Front squat 5-5-5-5-5

Keskiviikko 04.12.2019

Metcon (no result, for quality)

EMOM 30:
1:) 1-2 skin the cats
2:) 16/12 cal echo bike
3:) 15 scapula push-ups
4:) 20/15 cal row
5:) rest

Tiistai 03.12.2019

Metcon (time)
10 rounds on the C2 rower of:
Pull a sub-1:25/500-m pace for as long as possible
Rest 3 minutes

Scale pace as needed so that first interval can be maintained for approximately 1 minute.

Maanantai 02.12.2019

Strength (load)
Shoulder press 3×5

Metcon (reps)
21-15-9 for time of:
DB push press 22,5/15kg

30 Double unders after each round

Perjantai 29.11.2019

Strength (load)
Find your deadlift 1RM in 30 minutes

Torstai 28.11.2019

Metcon (reps)

5x AMRAP 2:
20/15 cal row
ME push jerks 70/45

Rest 2min between rounds

Keskiviikko 27.11.2019

Metcon (time)
5 rounds for time of:
20 DB hang squat cleans 15/10kg
50 double unders

Tiistai 26.11.2019

Skill (no result, for quality)
Headstand-, handstand progressions

Metcon (cumulative time)
Max effort hang from a pull-up bar.

Each time you drop from the bar perform:
30 push-ups
30 cal echo bike

Maanantai 25.11.2019

Strength (load)
Find your thruster 1RM in 20 minutes

Metcon (time)
150 wallball shots for time 20/14p

Perjantai 22.11.2019

Strength (load)
Back squat 3-3-3-3-3

Torstai 21.11.2019

Metcon (time)
With partner: row 20x 250m AFAP (20 rounds each).

Keskiviikko 20.11.2019

Strength (load)
Push press 3×3

Metcon (time)
3 rounds for time of:
18 push presses 40/30
18 sit-ups
18/14 cal echo bike

Tiistai 19.11.2019

Metcon (time)
10 rounds for time of
50 Double unders
10 Strict pull-ups

Maanantai 18.11.2019

Joulukuun On-Ramp alkeiskurssi #005 on loppuunmyyty. Seuraavat vapaat paikat tammikuun #006 ja #007 kursseilta.

Strength (load)
Find your power clean 3RM in 20 minutes

Metcon (reps)
40 power cleans 60/40
ME burpees